X-Message-Number: 14579
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 05:23:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: breakthrough in kidney vitrification

Permanent life support by kidneys perfused with a
vitrifiable (7.5 molar) cryoprotectant solution

Transplantation 70(1): 51-7 July 2000

Kheirabadi BS, Fahy GM

BACKGROUND: Vitrification (glass formation) is a
potential method for indefinite term organ preservation
that eliminates all of the conventional problems of
freezing and thawing. A 7.5 M mixture of cryoprotectants
known as VS4 is sufficiently concentrated, in combination
with applied pressure, to preclude ice formation entirely
during cooling to below the glass transition temperature
(about -125 degrees C), at which point vitrification takes
place, arresting further changes over time.
METHODS: Rabbit kidneys were perfused with VS4
according to three different protocols. The kidneys were
evaluated using an autograft model with immediate
contralateral nephrectomy.
RESULTS: All three methods permitted long-term
survival, but the best results were obtained when the
highest concentrations were perfused at about -3
degrees C. Using the latter protocol, the survival rate
was 10/10, serum creatinine returned to a normal
baseline after transient elevation, other clinical chemistry
results normalized, and no histological damage was
apparent 3 weeks after autografting.
CONCLUSIONS: The results described provide the
strongest evidence to date that it may be possible to
bank kidneys for unlimited periods in the absence of
ice for later transplantation.

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