X-Message-Number: 14581
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 08:23:59 -0700
From: "H. Keith Henson" <>
Subject: Not so off-topic?

I have been off the cryonet list for a long time.

When I was on a cryonics panel in Scotland some years ago a member of the 
audience commented that cryonics was not a good idea because he thought it 
would lead to a world where there was no adventure.  Having been out with 
the fireworks crew the previous evening (where a mortar failed 20 feet from 
where I was standing) I was able to assure him that cryonics did not 
necessarily lead to a world without adventure.

Unfortunately, my adventures over the last few years have led to attacks on 
Alcor, as well as the National Space Society, my parents, my children and 
every other person in my past who could be located.  I only very recently 
found out how much effort was being expended on Alcor.

I will take advice in email from the list if this is considered on-topic 
enough to rate occasional reports and pointers.

Keith Henson

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