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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 16:22:01 -0700
From: Jeff Davis <>
Subject: Re: just checking in

Iggy Dygbal writes:

> Now my 6 year old
>son and almost 8 year old daughter ask questions about the procedure and are
>rather comfortable about it. We get a kick out of them talking to other kids
>in the class who bring up religion and Anton and Christina tell them about
>cryonics - other kids eyes almost pop out when this happens. 

You should set up a video camera and record the kids' discussion.  I'd PAY
to see that videotape (someone else might as well): "Kansas Kids on
cryonics and religion".  What a hoot!

>Being a very logical, technological and scientific oriented person, <snip>
>My upbringing never encompassed religion, but rather was under somewhat a
>materialism" <snip>

Techno-materialism and lite on religious indoctrination.  Seems like a
common formula for open mindedness and consequent receptivity to the
cryonics thesis. 

>I am now very intrigued by rather a widespread American beliefs
>in God and living in Kansas ( :-), treatment of evolution in schools.
>seems not to be at the forefront of the society in this country.

The ideology of consumerism and the stresses of daily life might tend to
leave people feeling unfulfilled.  So they look to religion to fill the
gap, and insofar as it provides a sense of community, and meaning, it
probably goes a long way toward satisfying the unmet need.  At the same
time, Kansas is likely a bit provincial compared to other places in the US,
though I'd be careful not to make too much out of the media hype.

Thanks for the snippet.  Welcome to the future.

			Best, Jeff Davis

	   "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
					Ray Charles				

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