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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 20:01:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Matthew S. Malek" <>
Subject: New Member Introduction


My name is Matthew Malek.  I joined this list earlier in the month and I
have been lurking about on it ever since then.  Since I have a lot of work
to do this weekend in order to prepare a seminar for Monday... well, it
seemed like the perfect oppurtunity to procrastinate and send out a little
"hello" and an introduction!

I really have no idea what the particulat nettiquite for this list is when
new members announce themselves.  So I'm just going to jump in and start
with a brief description of me, what got me interested in cryonics, etc.
If I'm rambling too long and giving too much detail, then I beg your
collective pardons in advance!  *grin*

So, first a little bit about me:
	I'm currently a 25 year old graduate student in the start of 21st
grade!  (In other words, I'm beginning the 5th year of graduate school)  I
got my Masters degree in physics back in 1998 and I am now about two years
away from my PhD.
	I live in Long Island and attend school at the State University of
New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook.  However, I commute to work at my
experiment... which happens to be a particle detector located under a
mountain on the western half of Japan.  For the past two years, I have
spent half of year year in Japan... and I expect to keep up this lifestyle
for at least another year or two.  This information becomes relevant later
when I start discussing cryonics and me!  :)  Oh, heck!  Why don't I do
that right now? 

Cryonics and me:
	I became interested in cryonics just over a decade ago.  I have
many, many interests and it became clear when I was 15 that I would never
be able to do them all in the span of a one century lifetime.  A little
investigation turned up the option of cryonics... and a little more
pointed me towards Alcor.  So, for the past 10+ years it has been my
intention of being frozen at the end of this first life.
	For most of the past decade, I have been an associate (i.e.
NON-suspension) member of Alcor.  Basically, at 15 years old I simply
didn't have the resources (or the legality) to become a suspension member.
A year or two ago, I decided that I _did_ have the financial means to
become a suspension member, but I still have not done so.  Why?  Because
I'm currently spending 50% of my time in Japan.  As far as I can tell
(please correct me if I am wrong), there is no cryonics institute which
will do suspensions for me whether I am in the United States _or_ Japan.
If there is, I certainly haven't been able to find them yet (and not for a
lack fo trying).  
	If I am correct, then I plan to sign up with Alcor in late 2002,
after I have my PhD and stop doing a multi-country commute.  (Although
working in Japan on "Super Kamiokande" has been a marvelous experience, I
won't do that sort of commute again for many reasons besides suspension...
For instance, it is certainly a strain on my fiancee!)
	In the meantime, I have spent much time (and will continue to do
so) trying to pass the notion of cryonics off on other people close to me.
To be fair, I have had a poor success rate of only two "definites" and one
"possibly" in the past ten years.  But I keep trying.  I'd be very happy
to have more familiar faces about me when I come out of the tank for Life,
Round II!  *chuckle*

More general stuff about me:
	I'd hate to come off as merely a scientist, especially since I
expect that many of you may end up being the people I meet first for the
aforementioned Round II.  So let me fill in a little more detail about
	Religiously, I am the son of a Coptic father and a Jewish mother. 
So I turned out as an atheist (as did my brother)!  However, my fiancee is
Pagan (specifically Wiccan) and so I have spend a lot of time working
ritual within the Pagan community (being an atheist doesn't keep me from
having a spiritual side).  On the other hand, I've yet to talk a single
Wiccan into trying cryonics on for size (including my fiancee!  Damn!). 
Most (not all) of the ones I've spoken to seem to believe in a quick
reincarnation that negates any need for cryonics.
	Interest-wise, I have been a panelologist (i.e. comic book
collector) for 12 years.  I found in interesting in 1992 when my favourite
comic book hero (Iron Man / Tony Stark) used a cryonic suspension to save
himself from a terminal illness.  This was already two years _after_ I had
decided on cryonics as an option for myself... so it was a _really_ kewl
surprise to 17-year-old me!  *smile*
	Let's see... what else?  I have been a SCUBA diver since 1994.  I
am currently working on obtaining my certification as a novice skydiver
(you need 20 jumps for this... and I am still within my first ten).  Next
summer I am planning on getting a private pilot liscense (I'm studying the
textbook now, and when I come home from Japan next summer I will enroll in
flight school).  I enjoy travelleing to other countries (besides Japan!) 
and have been to Egypt twice, as well as Thailand, China, Mexico, England,
Singapore, Hong Kong, and most of the Carribean.  I also love water
activities such as sailing (tho I am not so skilled at this yet!),
swimming (I spent four years as a professional lifeguard and two years as
a swimming instructor), canoeing, waterskiing, snorkeling, kayaking,
taking cruises, etc.  I went to an alternative college (Hampshire College
in Amherst, Mass) and so I have a great interest in alternative methods of
	How about goals?  Well, when I get my PhD in 2002, I've got
several things I could do with it.  I could stay in experimental particle
physics, which is plenty interesting to me.  Or I could go into the theory
of cosmology and do nifty things like investigate the generation of matter
in our universe.  I've also thought about doing things which are not quite
so interesting -- but would be more directly relevant to humanity than
the basic research I am involved in now (not that I believe basic research
isn't worthwhile!  It most certainly is!!).  But things like making solar
power more efficient and nuclear power less messy, or designing interfaces
for prosthetic limbs... well, these are other considerations for me, too.
	However, the number one choice of what I want to do next (if I get
accepted) is to join the space program and become an astronaut via NASA. 
My PhD will qualify me to go up on the space shuttle as a mission
specialist.  And my pilot liscense/experience will qualift me to apply for
a pilot astronaut position.  So I'll go for both positions and then cross
my fingers till they hurt!  (Every one opening has over one hundred
applicants -- so being accepted is far from a sure thing!) 

Whew!  Well, there's certainly more to be said for both goals _and_
interests... but I think I've said enough for now. I'm trying to flesh
myself out a little bit here -- NOT cram my life's story into a single
email!  *smile*  

However, this does point out the main reason why I decided to be frozen. 
The interests and goals I mentioned are _not_ everything I am doing right
now.  And everything I am doing right now is _not_ nearly as much as I'd
like to be doing.  There are several more languages I'd like to learn
(Latin, Japanese, Arabic, Esperanto, etc.), and a sci-fi novel bouncing
around in my head waiting to be written, and musical instruments to
master, etc., etc., and so forth.  And, active as I keep myself, I _know_
that I cannot do it all right now.  Or even in three times the amount of
life I have already had.

Okay, that's about enough for now!  Sorry if I droned on for too long (and
I promise that with my intro message out of the way I won't be so
self-centered in my writings anymore!  LOL!), but I wanted to get a fairly
reasonable picture of me painted for my introduction!

Stick a fork in me; I'm done!

=>Joy, Health, and Long Life!!

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