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To: Kevin Brown
18 Dec 89

Hello again to all.  

I'm Russell Whitaker, a medical laboratory technician studying electrical

Currently, I'm compiling text on nanotechnology, cryonics, and related 
subjects for a proposed CompuServe "Nanotechnology Forum".  I've received
encouragement from the CIS people who are reviewing my proposal; I believe
that I have a good shot at having it approved and running within 2-3 months.

I have the approximately 750 Kbytes of text generated thus far by this 
cryonics mailing list.  I don't have, however, as much on nanotechnology
proper.  I don't have an Internet account, and I haven't been able to contact
Josh Storrs Hall, who moderates the sci.nanotech newsgroup on uucp (Josh does
not, I believe, have a "smart" Internet address).  What I have gathered on
the subject has been through PC bulletin boards.

If anyone here has sci.nanotech textfiles he believes may be topical, i.e. of
general interest, or ANYTHING related to nanotechnology, I would greatly 
appreciate receiving them, at   

CompuServe forums have facilities for file libraries, message scrolls, and
online conferences.  If anyone here is well-versed in nanotechnology and/or 
cryonics, and would be interested in acting as a "guest speaker", please let 
me know.  I would be particularly interested in having Kevin Brown, Thomas
Donaldson, Ralph Merkle, Keith Henson, Mike Darwin, or Eric Drexler (by no 
means a complete list) as speakers.

My thanks to all respondents.

                                   Russell E. Whitaker

[ Russell, sorry to hear that you were unable to get email to JoSH (John
  Storrs Hall).  I'll see if I can get something working from this end.
  I do not have a CompuServe account, but I know of several well-known
  cryonicists with lots of experience who do have CompuServe accounts and
  would be excellent "guest speakers" for an on-line conference.
  If anyone has trouble sending email to Russell at ,
  you might try using the gateway saqqara.cis.ohio-state.edu, which results in
  the email addresses:
  or perhaps some other permutation, depending on what your mailer likes.
  - Kevin Q. Brown ]

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