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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 13:30:40 -0700
From: Linda Chamberlain <>
Subject: Thomas Kirschner's Questions


#14787: How I lost my membership at Alcor [Thomas Kirschner] #14796:
Alcor's obligations: a reply [david pizer]

I won't go into great detail on this.  Dave Pizer did a laudable job of
explaining why Alcor is so cautious in membership matters.  There was an
article in Cryonics magazine recently about the role that secure funding
plays in making sure that Alcor will be there, in the very long run, to
keep safe our members in biostasis.  That, after all, is our primary
concern.  Our mission statement is "The Preservation of Individual Lives".
It does none of our members any good to be placed into biostasis if Alcor
is NOT there to keep them in biostasis.

Alcor would never have posted personal email correspondence with one of our
members onto a public forum such as this.  However, since Mr. Kirschner has
done so, we feel it is a strong representation of one of the ways in which
Alcor is ensuring the security of our patients.  One of the most often
expressed concerns is that of long term security.  We thank Mr. Kirschner
for providing an excellent example of Alcor's steadfast resolution to place
our highest priority on long term care and safety of our members in

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