X-Message-Number: 14804
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: cloning and cryonics
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 01:24:15 GMT

A few days ago I saw a documentary on cable about cloning which disturbed 
me.  It showed the negative view of cloning that pervades society from the 
lowest to the highest levels of power.  And I am not as sure as some of you 
that this attitude will change anytime soon.  Even cloning done where the 
genes used to form a head and brain are suppressed was viewed as a unethical 
thing to do.  Considering how many of us want the neuro-only cryonics option 
I considered this disturbing.  Could our reanimations as neuro-only be 
postponed or simply never happen due to societies values not changing as 
many of us suppose?  The whole-body suspension suddenly looks very 
appealling to me.

The neuro-only suspension may wake up with a brain inside an android body.  
But to what extent would this artificial body feel real?  And the cost of 
such a thing may be prohibitive to the point that a future society decides 
not to bother.

I look forward to feedback on this matter from the list.



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