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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 15:15:13 -0500
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Cryonic capitol punishment
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CryoNet wrote:

So if I can't afford to pay for suspension and desire really bad to see the 
future and conveniently the state has begun

to cryonically suspend people for capitol crimes, then all I gotta do to get 
suspended and enjoy the future and all it
offers is go kill someone!! Cool!

Now of course I personally find this thought reprehensible but I wager someone 
else might not. Sorry Mike and anyone

else who consider cryonics a possible alternative to capitol punishment. The 
sneaky side of me couldn't resist pointing

out the obvious. Might I suggest that in the future someone that willingly takes
another life does not deserve not only

life but any chance at immortality. I support the death penalty providing the 
right person is found as actually guilty.
Let me see if a story can explain why.

I watched one of those "Cops" like shows the other day. A couple of low life 
gang bangers had words at a convenience

store. I festered into a gun battle...over words. Two innocent bystanders were 
hit and instantly killed. One was a

young girl. As I looked at her lifeless body lying indignantly face down in the 
parking lot pavement I wondered who

would miss her. Did she have a child waiting for some milk she'd gone after? 
Wondered many things as the shear realness

began to sink in to horrify me. Then I thought about my aspirations for immortal
life and placed myself at that

convenience store. What if I had been there innocently shopping and some low 
life scum with no more regard for himself

then for me arbitrarily took my life instantly dashing my hopes of suspension 
and possible immortality? I thought to

myself that like as not that girl had never heard of cryonics...yet. But what if
she'd lived?

Do I think that the perpetrator of this heinous crime deserves to go on living? 
A RESOUNDING NO!! Would I pull the

switch on him personally? IN A NEW YORK SECOND!! Why? Because at least he'd 
never have a chance to dash the hopes of
another innocent ever again.

Some of our views are spacious
some are merely space--RUSH

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