X-Message-Number: 14852
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: cryonics in Europe & Asia
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 00:28:04 GMT

I have a question for the list members, especially those who are 
well-travelled Americans or European citizens.  Which European nation would 
be the most fertile ground to start a homegrown cryonics organization?  I 
realize England already has an Alcor outpost.  But what about the continent 

Would France be a good place(supposedly they have a lust for the good life 
which could be continued with cryonics)?  Switzerland(an obsession with 
fiscal and physical safety and security)?  Or how about an eastern european 
nation like Poland or Romania where costs would be cheaper?  And what is the 
deal about Germany(a very advanced nation) having a supposedly very 
anti-cryonics public?  I would think the "analytical" Germans would flock to 
cryonics more then any other european would.

I also wonder about Asia.  I am amazed that Japan does not yet have a 
cryonics provider considering they are in some technical ways a world 
leader.  But with the Metamorphosis Society gaining strength I bet it is 
just a matter of time.  They have some excellent people in the organization.

I think with some assistance from American organizations we could see the 
other parts of the developed world develop their own cryonics providers.  
But who will be first to do it?  The continental European or the Japanese?  
My best wishes to them both.


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