X-Message-Number: 14884
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: "who am I?" and Hollywood
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 08:41:17 GMT

Stasys Adiklis <> wrote:

Here is a short story for You.


You volunteered for a crazy experiment - creation of a perfect physical
clone of you. Atom by atom.

You was closed in a scanning device and a general anesthesia was applied
to you...

Now you begin to wake up. You find yourself lying in a bed. You think...
about your childhood. You remember how you run to your parents and asked:
"Dad, Mom! Where did I came from?.."

And now breathtaking realization strikes you. You don't have a clue about
your origin. Again. You scream: "Who am I?. The clone, or the original!?"

Arnold will be dealing with this matter in what the screenwriters say is a 
good attempt for Hollywood at dealing with such deep questions.  Of course, 
big explosions, gunfire and a body count will make the subject much more 
palatable to the public.


I look forward to us discussing the film when it comes out.


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