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From: "ramzy ramzy" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 09:37:07 GMT

I'm an cryonicist from 1997, but, it the first message.
My philosophy:
The religion don't and won't prevent critically the war because it supports 
the idea of the immortality of soul after death. To prevent the war, 
everyone (not some people) must believe that there is no soul in the body, 
but this don't occur by direct discussion. This requires an experimental 
proof (revival of a frozen dead or creation of alive robot).
Of course, some people say the connection of souls after death is an 
experimental reality. By definition of the experiment, it must be available 
for repeating by any person or group, but the spiritualists think that it is 
only available for special persons because they have a certain spiritual 
power. Then, there are no an experimental proof for connection of souls 
after death.
The original linguistic roots of  soul and spirit in different languages 
depend on breath or wind (for example my language : in Arabic). By other 
meaning, the definition of death is stop of breath. The current medicine 
avoid the angry religious persons by changing of definition from time to 
time when the science revival  a dead person according to a previous 
definition. The cryonics sites (which invite religious and non-religious 
persons for freezing after very short time of clinical death and waiting of 
success of science in the revival of them) suggest a new definition 
(theoretical information death in brain). It avoids stop of : breath, biting 
of heart, and brain, because it depends on quantity of damage. Then, we have 
three kinds of persons : alive, dead , partially dead (or partially alive). 
So, the suggested definition is a problem.
Any definition of death must depend on stop of something in the body to 
avoid the problem of three kinds. The deep freezing under  150 degree 
includes stop of every process refers to the life in the body ( for example 
: banks of frozen embryos which stop the age (age of embryo is few days) for 
some years under  196 degree). When the science successes in freezing and 
revival of frozen adults, this means that the science revival the dead 
I don't talk about the robots. It is enough.

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