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Subject: Re:Frogs, fish and hope
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 11:12:18 -0000

> In Message #14887 "Marta Sandberg" wrote:
> >On the other hand, almost all Western countries have a
> >system in place to harvest and preserve donor organs....
> >Wouldn t it be great if we could coat-tail on existing medical
> >superstructure? Available anywhere and any time?
> >

and Douglas Skrecky seconded with the idea of removing heads and perfusing
separately so that the bodies could be given to the medical profession as a
source of spare parts or for autopsy dissection. Logically this seems a good
idea - you are bargaining with the authorities and producing a deal where
both parties win. Unfortunately authorities are very reluctant to take up
win-win deals, they like a lose-win deal where they are the *only* winner.
The basis for this is that they like to have a position of absolute power.

I think the other objection to this is practicality, ie it isn't as easy as
that. The whole body gets perfused to an extent before decapitation because
it is more effective to perfuse the head this way.

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