X-Message-Number: 149
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Administrivia: email address change 
Date: 8 Jan 1990

My electronic mail address will change from:
    ...att!ho5cad!kqb   - or -  
    ...att!whscad1!kqb  - or -  
when my ho5cad account goes away Jan. 15.  Email sent to either address
should reach me until then.  Unfortunately, email sent from whscad1.att.com
is not yet reliable; my Dec. 28 and Jan. 2 cryonics mailing list mailings:
    #147  Dec 28  Cryonics on L.A. Law (Jan. 4) 
    #148  Jan 2   Legal Status of Cryonics 
from my new, whscad1.att.com address apparently failed silently (or were
delayed by several days) even though previous email experiments from that
machine had succeeded.  (On Jan. 5 I resent message #148 from my old,
ho5cad.att.com address.)  My apologies for the delay.  If I continue to
have problems sending email from whscad1.att.com, I will send it from
one or more of my other addresses instead.  The whscad1.att.com address
will continue to be the address for you to use when sending email to me,
                                       - Kevin Q. Brown
PS: I will be on vacation Fri. Jan. 12 through Tue. Jan. 16.  If you want
    to have a cryonics mailing list message distributed to the mailing list
    while I am away, please put the word CRYONICS (in CAPITAL letters) in
    the subject line of the message.  Hopefully, my email scanning software
    and the whscad1.att.com email will work properly while I am gone.
    Otherwise, any messages received between Jan. 12 and Jan. 16 will have
    to wait for my return on Jan. 17 for distribution to the mailing list.

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