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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 10:15:48 EST
Subject: Clancy, chronons, metrons

Pat Clancy (#14993) says, in part:

>Calculating successive states is not the same as implementing quantum 
> reality ......... physical/quantum reality happens at infinite 
> precision, and the infinite precision "calculations" of reality happen 

and he also writes about entangled systems and collapse of the wave function.

As devil's advocate, I could point out, first, that the uploaders claim, 
plausibly, that we only need some acceptable degree of approximation, not 
perfection in emulation. If you accept their selective-isomorphism position, 
calculating successive quantum states IS equivalent to implementing quantum 
reality, in some appropriate sense, and especially in the sense of creating a 
similar sentient being. 

But the main point I want to make right now, once more, is that "Quantum 
Theory" (including its interpretation) is VERY FAR from being well 
established. Anyone who makes the least attempt to keep up with the 
literature knows that these issues have been boiling for over a century, with 
no sign of abatement--in fact, increasing confusion and disagreement. 

As for "infinite precision" and "instant" changes, these are part of the 
unknown. Is time quantized into chronons? Is space quantized into metrons? Do 
strings or membranes underlie quantons? Will we find that all quantons are 
phenomenological rather than elemental?  

Confoozin but amoozin. If you live long enough, you may find out. You may 
even become interested. And it might even turn out to be important.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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