X-Message-Number: 15005
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 20:14:19 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Software Pizers or "Before I saw the light"

I just ran across this and thought it might be amusing and give you a
chuckle, with the holidays coming, I would like to wish everyone good
health and good humor.  This ran in the Immortalist (now with a couple
minor word changes) about a decade ago, before I saw the light :=)  It
shows I havn't always been a Pizerist (i.e. the physical thing that does
the thinking counts - or - a duplicate cannot be you).

Software Pizers

When future technology permits
I'll build a bunch of cheap poets
My endless nanoforge vomits
A billion Pizer duplicates

No longer a fleshy body I am
Uploaded into a computer program
Each nano-guided floppy disc permits
Another dozen Pizer duplicates

Ten thousand bore you with their rhyme
They bore you for the trillionth time
You head for the nearest of exits
To flee the Pizer dupicates

A million write such boring dribble
You wish grey goo would start to nibble
On these pathetic new-world misfits
The mass of Pizer duplicates

One day they all gather in one place
Far from you in outer space
You push a button - blast these software wits
And turn a billion Pizers into a zillon bits

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all on this forum.

I don't know about you but I celebrate Thanksgiving, along with other
things, I am thankful to be alive and have the prospect of immortality.  I
hope we can all work together in the future and improve the prospect. 

Dave Pizer

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