X-Message-Number: 15009
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 12:31:54 EST
Subject: another patient

The Cryonics Institute has frozen its 35th human whole body patient.

As is common, the family want confidentiality, so few details will be 
released, although our report in THE IMMORTALIST and on our web site may have 
some additional information.

It was another death-bed sign-up, so two reminders are in order:

1) It is usually not possible to make arrangements in these situations. If 
you are serious about cryonics for yourself or a family member, you should 
make every effort to join and get your arrangements in place before death or 

2) If for whatever reason you do find yourself or a family member in 
desperate straits and no arrangements in place, give us a call right away. We 
will try to find a way, and sometimes we succeed. 

It is also worth noting that the next of kin is a physician, M.D. We like to 
point out that "Doctors choose cryonics, nine to one." That doesn't mean that 
90% of physicians are members of cryonics organizations, but that such 
membership occurs roughly nine times as often as would be expected on a 
population-proportionate basis. More generally, looking at all kinds of 
scientists and medical professionals, the best educated and best informed 
people are by far those most likely to be in cryonics.

Of course, it remains true that only a small fraction of the population, 
regardless of occupation, have really studied the evidence and truly 
understand the full rationale of cryonics. But our tide is coming in.

Recently a physician and his wife were in town to visit Alcor, and expressed 
interest in visiting me. Linda Chamberlain put them in touch, and they paid 
me a visit. (No, I didn't try to convert them to CI, just talked about 
cryonics generally.) The physician expressed amazement that so many 
people--almost everybody, in fact--are unmoved by the compelling logic and 
need behind cryonics. It's the weight of tradition and other psychological 
factors, of course, and there is no magic word and probably no magic tactic 
that will make a quick difference. But we are gaining, and if all of us just 
keep working--hopefully a little harder and a little better--our gains will 

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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