X-Message-Number: 15012
From: "Pat Clancy" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 17:44:05 -0800
Subject: Re: Clancy, brief comment

Henri Kluytmans wrote:

> Of course, a discrete system cannot imitate an analog system (or 
> a quantum mechanical system) with exact precision. However the 
> question is : "Is exact accuracy required?" 
> First of all, it doesn't seem likely that details at the 
> quantum mechanical are essential for the functioning of 
> the mind. (And that's what is the issue here.)
> And it seems that most neuro-scientists tend to agree. 
> If you think so, can you give me the scientific motivation 
> as to why ?

I don't think that anyone has any real idea whether quantum level details are 
essential to mind function. But I was not arguing that quantum level effects 
are involved - as I said in my prior message no one knows if this is the case. 
I was arguing that a Turing machine cannot implement quantum reality. I 
would also say the same thing in response to the rest of your message. But 
since I also don't believe that the mind is a Turing machine, I see no problem 
with this - _if_ quantum effects are involved, it would make sense to create 

those same effects _directly_ in an artificial mind, rather than try to simulate
them with a computer.

Pat Clancy

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