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Subject: understanding and modelling brains; nano
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 18:22:25 +0100

For those of us who wish to get current on the state of the art in
neuroscience (instead of disintegrating into a billion irrelevant
discussion fragments without any ties to reality; thus reinforcing the
classical dysfunctional CryoNet behaviour pattern) should check out
the following recent review in the Science magazine:

"Neuroscience: Breaking Down Scientific Barriers to the Study of Brain
and Mind" by Eric R. Kandel and Larry R. Squire

Volume 290, Number 5494, Issue of 10 Nov 2000, pp. 1113-1120. 

Same volume also contains the following very worthwhile articles:

Neuroscience Meeting Draws Crowds, Gripes, Loyalty.
      Laura Helmuth 
      Science 2000 290: 698-699. (in News Focus) [Summary] [Full Text] 

Triple Play.
      Donald Kennedy 
      Science 2000 290: 709. (in Editorial) [Summary] 

Beautiful, Complex, and Diverse Specialists.
      Peter Stern and Jean Marx 
      Science 2000 290: 735. (in Introduction to special issue) [Summary] 

Synapses Call the Shots.
      Marcia Barinaga 
      Science 2000 290: 736-738. (in News) [Summary] [Full Text] 

Translational Roots for Mental Retardation?.
      Marcia Barinaga 
      Science 2000 290: 737. (in News) [Summary] [Full Text] 

Untangling Dendrites with Quantitative Models.
      Idan Segev and Michael London 
      Science 2000 290: 744-750. (in Review) [Abstract] [Full Text] 

Signal-Processing Machines at the Postsynaptic Density.
      Mary B. Kennedy 
      Science 2000 290: 750-754. (in Review) [Abstract] [Full Text] 

Actin-Based Plasticity in Dendritic Spines.
      Andrew Matus 
      Science 2000 290: 754-758. (in Review) [Abstract] [Full Text] 

Since you're at it, may I point out that Volume 290, Number 5496,
Issue of 24 Nov 2000 is a nano special? (Containing many interesting
contributions by one Robert F. Frei.., sorry: Service).


Related articles in Science:

Taking the Initiative.
      Robert Coontz and Phil Szuromi 
      Science 2000 290: 1523. (in Introduction to special issue) [Summary] 

Is Nanotechnology Dangerous?.
      Robert F. Service 
      Science 2000 290: 1526-1527. (in News) [Summary] [Full Text] 

Powering the Nanoworld.
      Robert F. Service 
      Science 2000 290: 1528. (in News) [Summary] [Full Text] 

Cantilever Tales.
      Alexander Hellemans 
      Science 2000 290: 1529. (in News) [Summary] [Full Text] 

NanoManipulator Lets Chemists Go Mano a Mano With Molecules.
      Mark Sincell 
      Science 2000 290: 1530. (in News) [Summary] [Full Text] 

Strange Behavior at One Dimension.
      Dennis Normile 
      Science 2000 290: 1531. (in News) [Summary] [Full Text] 

Nanoelectromechanical Systems.
      H. G. Craighead 
      Science 2000 290: 1532-1535. (in Review) [Abstract] [Full Text] 

Microfabricating Conjugated Polymer Actuators.
      Edwin W. H. Jager, Elisabeth Smela, and Olle Ingan s 
      Science 2000 290: 1540-1545. (in Review) [Abstract] [Full Text] 

Powering an Inorganic Nanodevice with a Biomolecular Motor.
      Ricky K. Soong, George D. Bachand, Hercules P. Neves, Anatoli 
      G. Olkhovets, Harold G. Craighead,
      and Carlo D. Montemagno 
      Science 2000 290: 1555-1558. (in Reports) [Abstract] [Full Text] 

Atom-Scale Research Gets Real.
      Robert F. Service 
      Science 2000 290: 1524-1531. (in News) [Summary] [Full Text] 

Coaxing Molecular Devices to Build Themselves.
      Dennis Normile 
      Science 2000 290: 1524-1525. (in News) [Summary] [Full Text] 

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