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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Bush is a danger to us?
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 23:55:47 +0100

As far as I can remember, most of us like to live as long as possible in
this life, since the chance of another one is small but we take it. Most of
us dont smoke, some of us take pills and some are on CR (Calorie
restriction). We do like to live healthy to prolong this life since the odds
for perfusion will improve more and more.
In that line I have proposed we better keep an eye on the world and our
society, what can damage us and others.
Today I'm a bit worried over the Republicans since Bush doesn't seem to give
a damn over the Greenhouse-effect, Gore does and Nader more so. A bit expert
on the subject and in conference with others who can more, I know it may be
better here but others may get hell and must move, or the other way around.
Sweden may get warmer in winter, or we may get a new iceage, Arizona will
get hotter etc.
I guess Gore cant do much more with the congress and senate in opposition,
but today I guess its better to pray for him in this aspect.
We may all die of this, or just some, US is large and may cope within, but
they may not care to move frozen bodies when there is major problems
Some say politics shouldn't involve, folks can do what's best, but they cant
since there hasn't been much improvements in years.
What's the sentiment where you live?

Thomas Nord

PR for something else first in Swedish, then English:
Om det inte  r gjort redan, l s g rna om det tredje alternativet n r man
d r, som vi alla kan pl tsligt, eller l ngsamt, med f rvarning eller ej, f r
att planera p  l ng sikt.
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