X-Message-Number: 15027
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 08:53:16 EST
Subject: Thomas Nord... worry about Ice Ages! (and all politicians)

  A mild greenhouse warming would just put the Earth into a climatic 
optimum... Sweden might even become habitable. An Ice Age would be a real 
problem (especially for people who insist on living next to the Arctic 
circle)... and if you look at recent geological history, an Ice Age is more 
  As far as Gore goes, have you read his book? He was claiming that sheep in 
Patagonia were going blind in 1990 from an ozone hole that wouldn't appear 
for hundreds of years in the worst case... he's no more serious about science 
than Bush. He also seems to think that the solution to global warming is to 
abandon nuclear power and burn lots of fossil fuels... I'm not saying you 
shouldn't be worried about idiots in the US Presidency, we all should 
(especially those of us who live in countries with no nuclear weapons that 
can be freely bombed to draw attention away from Presidential misdeeds, like 
Sudan and Sweden). But neither Gore nor Nader is any more friendly than Bush 
to the type of open, free future we'll need to see ordinary people allowed to 
do cryonics (the politicians may start freezing themselves, though, just as 
American politicians typically obtain drugs from overseas that the FDA keeps 
away from Americans... look at Senator Simpson's use of deprenyl in the 
mid-80s etc.)

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