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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Re: CryoNet #15035  Why I hate the earth.
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 12:00:21 -0800

I wanted to briefly respond to some of Joseph Kehoe's statements in Message
#15035 on the environment.

In 1971 I took one of the first "ecology" courses offered at the University
of Illinois at Chicago Circle just before graduating.  In that course we
were presented with "likely" scenerios which included the global death of
blue green algae within 5 years and several other "end of the world real
soon" suggestions.

Well I'm still breathing as we approach 2001.

Everything that follows is strictly my opinion.

Understand that what is popular in "science" is driven by political forces
(money).  As many legitimate researchers who read this forum can attest,
hard science is often quite distant from "popular" science.  Lone wolf
voices who have the integrity to adhere to the scientific method are
silenced by the shouting of the rabble.  (One current example is Peter
Duesberg's ongoing request for ANY scientific evidence to support the
AIDS-HIV myth.  You see, there is much money through popular grants and
political spin to continue to perpetuate non existent plagues, such as

In other words, if a "scientific" view is popular but not immediately
demonstrable, you might as well assume it is just as likely nonsense as

"Save the earth" is a popular mantra.  Therefore, based on the historical
unconscious need of the masses to be wrong (the stock market is an excellent
long term study of popular opinion buying at tops and selling at lows), I
assume that the world does not need "saving".

But let's suppose I'm wrong and through sheer chance the whale huggers have
gotten it right and the world is facing DOOM, DOOM, DOOM!

Well, if technology doesn't come up with the solutions, it's all over.
(Kiss your whale good bye!).

And the kind of technology which can make cryonics work will probably be
more than capable of repairing any global damage.  Look at Eric Drexler's
book ENGINES OF CREATION for 1986-style projections regarding some

But, finally, as for me, you can KEEP the earth.

MOST of this world is unpleasant for human beings if not down right deadly.
Deserts, oceans, marshes, empty prairies, etc.  And let's not discuss
weather, please.  Hot as hell, cold as hell.  Tornados, hurricanes,
typhoons, electrical storms.  And let s not forget volcanos, earthquakes and
tidal waves.

The worship of "mother earth" reminds me much more of the worship of the
killer goddess Kali.  (What a babe!).

The first moment technology opens a reasonably secure door to leaving this
ugly little mudball, I'm outta here!

(As an aside on the "where is ET" question, I'd submit that if he ever
visited here, he'd NOT come back).

Robert Heinlein once wrote something like, "The good thing about spaceflight
was it let you go elsewhere".

The good thing about cryonics is that it affords a second chance for those
of us who might not otherwise live quite long enough to finally be able to
"go elsewhere."  ...such as one of those near Earth astroids.  Bet such
places will make very comfortable places to reside - on the INSIDE.

Last night I looked out at the stars.  Looks like there's a lot of real
estate out there.  The Planet "Dirt" (the earth) is just one more
undeveloped, primitve gravity well.  I'll bet there are other, better places
to go (or create).

The insects have ruled this planet for far too long.  Let 'em keep it!

Death to the mosquitos!

Cryonics for us.

That's my opinion.

George Smith
Quivis est contradictio!" - Professor Wagstaff, Huxley College,
"Horsefeathers" 1932

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