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Subject: Cryonicists in Egypt
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:24:34 +0200

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You can say that there are few hundreds (or even few thousands!) of cryonicists 
in USA and no more in any other country as the industrial country, Germany. 
Perhaps there are many cryonicists in other countries, but there is no enough 
freedom in these countries because of the religion scientists. 

Ask about " time conqueror " Egyptian film in 1987 which discussed the 
relationship between the religious fundamentalist and idea of Human 
cryopreservation. In the end, the experiment succeeded, but the laboratory was 
burned by the religious fundamentalist who believe that these experiments are 
against the religion. After this event, the film go to 2110 year to say the 
freezing of Human will be available in a governmental hospital in Egypt and the 
freezer equipment looks like an old Egyptian mummy chest.

Although the religious discussions in the film are about suspended animation, 
but the original Egyptian novel " time conqueror " which appeared in 1972 told 
that the process is available through   hour or 40 minutes after the clinical 
death. The novel does not include a religious fundamentalist, so it was 
considered as merely faction novel without any think excites scientists of 
religion as proof"s film for non-contradiction between Islam and spiritual 
beliefs with achievment of suspended animation. The film is shown in 9 February 
1987 in the Egyptian cinema and now in the Arabian TV satellite channels because
the actor star of the film is Nour Elsherif (famous superstar in Egypt and Arab
world). The film has not shown in the principal governmental Egyptian TV yet. 
Of course, the reason is the fear from scientists of  El Azhr  (as Vatican for 



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