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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: The climate-fear
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 00:36:42 +0100

My server slowed CN up for a day.
I follow US-politics a lot for the moment via NPR and a lot of other media.
As far as I know Gore has been fighting to reduce CO2 a lot. Blind sheep in
Patagonia is true as can hit humans also with a thin ozonelayer, and do if
you dont use the correct sunglasses in some places.
The weather today are a bit influenced at least by human errors, but all the
new CO2 (Carbondioxide) better be stopped since it must affect the climate.
It will be the same climate around the equator, dry and hot places will get
more so, up in the north we will get warmer winters but more rain and stormy
weather. We have had our fair share and more of rain this year on the limit
and over in some places with a lot of damaged estates.

But the Golfstream may stop, then we will get a new iceage and have to move
out of northern Europe! Last time the ice-edge ended in south of France. Any
room for us?
In my map the last one covered some parts of US, southeastern Australia but
not southafrica.

Reading books, I am one who seldom have the time for it anymore, but did a
lot, they are old anyway most of them. I seldom see any fiction-movies, but
do keep a track on news as much as I can via radio from BBC NPR NDR (German)
and the public ones here, TV and my newspaper every day. Not to mention the
fastest, Internet where one need to check sources.

After all, in US rules mainly the Congress and the Senate, right?
Not the guns, god and the President so much.
An Republican US-senator said in NPR's Living on earth, he changed and think
the senate will since most now agree there is a real threat.

Thomas Nord

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