X-Message-Number: 15060
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 17:01:40 EST
Subject: Gore and CO2, plutonium "disposal"

>"Gore has been fighting to reduce CO2 a lot."

  No, Gore has been fighting to eliminate nuclear power which produces no 
greenhouse gases and replace it with coal. He may say that C02 is bad, but 
his actions would be more consistent with someone afraid of ice ages and 
determined to get all Earth's carbon back into the biosphere (which might be 
the right thing to do, we don't know.)
  Doesn't Sweden have some reactor designs which automatically shut off 
through heat expansion of the fuel rods if they overheat? I've read about 
that somewhere, but can't find the source.

  As far as plutonium goes, the Earth already disposed of 20,000 pounds of 
plutonium from a natural uranium reactor in Africa back in Age of Algae, so 
let's not panic. Plutonium is not a god or demon, it's just an element that 
will give off energy in a reactor if you fission it.

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