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Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 15:10:05 -0400
Subject: Help for Science Project - clarification

In my last message, I requested advice regarding how I might answer
inquiries from high school students for cryo science projects.

Here, I am expanding on my too brief and hasty request because of e-mails
from Eugene Leitl.

Generally, in the students' first e-mails, they show that they do not have
a clear idea about cryobiology or cryonics, and thus do not know what
experiments they might possibly do.  The students might not initially tell
me their age, level of scientific knowledge, time available for project,
financial resources, or lab access.

I also know that the students' level of scientific knowledge will vary
greatly, depending on the jurisdiction and the school, and that such
variation may be much more relevant than their age.

Therefore, I would like to answer the students' first, vague questions in a
friendly and helpful way, with my request for clarifying details, and also:

1) a short outline of possible experiments ranging from simple to
2) a short list of useful web sites
3) some simple to sophisticated print references
4) a few stories about other students' successful cryo science projects.

In addition, I would like to answer in such a way as to persuade them --
AND through them, their teachers -- that their work can result in a science
project that is fascinating, educationally useful, and potentially

Such projects will educate more people than just the students and teachers
directly involved at that particular time.  Such projects will inspire a
few more students to study biology and crybiology at university, and who
knows what they might discover that will benefit cryonics?  "From small
acorns grow great oak trees."  I'd like to stack the deck of cards a bit in
our favor.

So, people, what help can you give me to entice the students and their

Martha S. Olijnyk

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