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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 18:20:01 +1100 (EST)
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Subject: Re: CryoNet #15062, #15063, #15064

> #15062: Whale hugging ?? [Philip Rhoades]

> >Understand that what is popular in "science"
> >is driven by political forces(money).
> ...
> > Lone wolf
> > voices who have the integrity to adhere to the
> scientific method are
> > silenced by the shouting of the rabble.  (One
> current example is Peter
> > Duesberg's ongoing request for ANY scientific
> evidence to support the
> > AIDS-HIV myth.  You see, there is much money
> through popular grants and
> > political spin to continue to perpetuate non
> existent plagues, such as
> > "AIDS").
> Just because something is unpopular does not mean it
> is correct - are you 
> guys members of the Flat Earth Society as well? At
> least we agree about Cryonics . .

No Phil, I suspect he's a member of that august group
of African 'leaders' like Thabo Mbeki, who seem too
think AIDS is a CIA / Alien Grey / Black Helicopter /
New World Order-IMF CONSPIRACY!!!

All we really need to do is wash our hands of it more
often & it will go away.
> ...
> > And the kind of technology which can make
> cryonics work will probably be
> > more than capable of repairing any global damage.
> ... 
> Disagreed - no amount of nano-tech is going to
> restore vast amounts of lost 
> biodiversity and ecologically complex systems.
> ...

Well, there has never ben a technology without
problems, dangers and a need for go-arounds. I don't
see why Nano should be any different.


> #15063: Gore and CO2, plutonium "disposal"
> [Philip Rhoades]

> ...
> >   As far as plutonium goes, the Earth already
> disposed of 20,000 pounds of
> >plutonium from a natural uranium reactor in Africa
> back in Age of Algae, so
> >let's not panic. Plutonium is not a god or demon,
> it's just an element that
> >will give off energy in a reactor if you fission
> it.
> ...

I'll leave others to post a reference to this near
unbelievable event (and I think cases of natural
near-reactors have also been found?).

I'm interested in references to  nherently safe
reactor designs. By that I mean reactor designs which
cannot melt down as in mechanically cooled ones. Do
such designs (or at least sketches) exist? I have a
half remembered comment by Freeman Dyson at the back
of my mind but cannot recall anything specific.


> #15064: Request for Video Footage [Ken Meyering]
> I'm trying to locate some video footage that I've
> seen on TV but not on the net.
> It's the Word War II newsreel film of the swastika
> on top of the Nazi 
> headquarters being blown to bits.
> I think there are other symbols and institutions in
> our society (for 
> example, Christian churches and crosses), which are 
> also representative 
> of forms of coercive value systems.  If judgement
> day came, and we were 
> all judged, and saved (in cryostasis),
> what should we do with all the 
> Catholic churches?C4, TNT, Napalm ?
> Maybe massage parlors or Amsterdam style coffee 
> houses?Just a thought.Thankx.

I'm no apologist for the Christian churches but think
posters to CryoNet ought to temper their disdain. I
know some rather sweet folk who profess one or other
of the Christian faiths and to equate their beliefs
with Nazism is just not on (quite apart from the
destruction fantasies). Sure, great evil has ben done
in the name of Christ, but not by my gentle Christian
mates - nor, I suspect, Christian readers of CryoNet.
Do we really want to come across as raving nuts?

A little more professionalism and thoughtfulness in
posts please.


Simon Carter


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