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Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 19:03:57 EST
Subject: Final Trust Announcement

Hello, fellow cryonicists and assorted lurkers.
Rudi Hoffman writing from Daytona, FL.

After 6 years in progress and development, I am hereby announcing that the 
prototype cryonics trust is a reality.  

As the current leading writer of life insurance on the planet, I have often 
been asked something of this nature: 

"If cryonics 'works" and I am reanimated, how can I have assets, money, 
wherewithal, options?"  

In other words, can I "Take it with me?"

The answer is a qualified "Yes."  

Qualified by the numerous variables we do and do not know, it may be possible 
to reanimate "Rich."  If you consider a billion dollars even in future 
dollars "rich."

I have as of this date put into place a trust designed to allow me to access 
the funds that are growing under trusteeship with a large, stable financial 
institution. (Suntrust bank, the 10th largest bank in America.)

This trust is a form of a "Dynasty Trust" which avoids previous problems with 
"Perpetuity Laws" that many states have.  (Florida included, although the law 
is supposedly being changed to eliminate these archaic perpetuity laws here 
in Florida.)

The trust is an "Irrevocable Trust" (Has it's own tax ID number, will pay 
taxes, sorry about this, all you fellow libertarian oriented 
individuals...there are enough variables without trying to make this trust an 
offshore tax haven or use flaky or questionable formats.) 

The trust has been written by the very serious estate planning lawyers at 
Broad and Cassell. (www.broadandcassell.com). 

It cost me a great deal of money.

The attorneys at B and C have put a great deal of time into the research on 
this, and want the opportunity to do estate and cryonics planning trusts for 
you high quality visionaries.  

Please, if you contact these folks, talk to me first! (1-800-749-3773 or 

You'll figure out why later in the posting.

I want the opportunity to write the life insurance to fund the trust.  

Yes, it can be funded with life insurance as well as current assets.  I have 
a $500,000 policy which is specifically for this trust.  

The purpose of my posting this announcement is not to generate a controversy 
or major discussion along the lines of "Rudi, what about this...what about 
that...Are you sure this will work?...How can you guarantee the institutional 
trustee won't steal your money?...etc..etc...etc..."

Quite frankly, I do not have time to answer-- and in some cases simply do not 
know-- the answers to the multiple questions that arise regarding developing 
a cryonics trust that will work.

There are serious inquiries that are being made by people actually putting 
money on the line with me to purchase life insurance that I have attempted to 
answer individually.  

Here is the situation.  I have at great cost in time, money, and energy 
developed with the estate planning attorneys in Orlando, Florida a "Prototype 
Cryonics Trust."  

I have gone to further pains to transcribe this trust on my website.  

But the attorneys who developed this trust have asked me nicely to *not* have 
it on my website.  And since I was asked nicely by them, and Scott Miller has 
been pretty decent about working with me to develop this trust, I told him I 
would remove it from my website.  

But my webguy is moving his business and I can't find him anymore, and...for 
a while at least... the trust is still currently at the site.  "For the 
proverbial limited time."  Here is the website:


My recommendation is that you be willing to invest some time and money and go 
with Scott Miller at Broad and Cassell.  These guys work with 
multimillionaire clients, and they aren't cheap, but they are very serious 
about getting the job done as well as possible.  

Each situation is unique in estate planning!  It would be a disservice to 
recommend a boilerplate trust!  I am NOT practicing law, don't want to, will 
not answer questions on cryonet regarding this trust, and I truly encourage 
you to consider Scott at Broad and Cassell as your attorney for this unique 
estate planning situation.

I hope there are enough disclaimers here for you folks to get the idea.  

I will go the ends of the earth for my clients, especially cryonics and 
cryonics trust life insurance clients.  But I refuse from the outset to be 
drawn into hypothetical discussions with dilettantes, tire kickers, 
philosophers, neophytes, time wasters, and procrastinators regarding this 

I respect and appreciate each individual involved in cryonics.  But I know 
that it is also possible to have one's irreplaceable time soaked like a 
sponge on this board, and I simply cannot do this.  

Thanks to the individuals who helped provide insights regarding trust, 
especially Neil Freer and Dan Johnson, both valued and thoughtful clients and 

In closing, I hope this announcement helps each of us realize yet another 
reason why cryonics makes sense.  

Warmly and Respectfully Submitted,

Rudi Hoffman
Certified Financial Planner
ALCOR Member since 1994
Multi-State Life Insurance Broker

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