X-Message-Number: 15095
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 22:03:14 EST
Subject: slight site problem

Yesterday I said a new research report was on our web site, with part of the 
service lab's results. That's true, but the bar chart isn't showing, even 
though it shows in edit mode. I put it in myself, hoping to save our 
webmaster a bit of work, but I guess she will have to deal with this little 

Also a slight correction to yesterday's post. I may have implied that 
"straight freezing" is the same as our "control" specimens. That's not 
precisely right. "Straight" freezing could mean almost anything in terms of 
freezing rate. The controls were "straight" in the sense of no washout or 
perfusion, but the cooling procedure was the same as for the perfused 

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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