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Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 19:08:05 +0000
From: "Joseph Kehoe" <>
Subject: Quantum/Religions

>>Quantum computers nearer. If we can get these working then a
>>lot of speed and space problems will simply disappear!!
>Quantum computers will not solve space problems. Because
>you cannot store a 2^1000 bits of information in a 1000
>Quantum computers will only solve speed problems for some
>special cases (like factoring a product of two large primes).

Quantum stuff ain't my field but what you say about space sounds right.
I was letting my optimistic nature get the better of me ;-)

On Religous people...

Religion thrives on persecution.  Besides some religious people are actually 
quite nice but I am surprised that anyone who believes in the "Soul" is signed 
up for cryonics. Personally I believe all religions are cults who to a lesser or
greater degree employ brainwashing techniques (from sleep deprevation to Sunday
school). If you feel really strongly that they are bad then write articles 
about it, talk (politely) to those who you want to save from "religion" and more
importantly live a good life (people learn more from your actions than 
arguments).  You cannot force someone to change what they believe in.

I come from a religious family who also think that cryonics organisations are 
con-men and I suspect would do their best to have me buried "respectably" even 
if I was signed up for cryonics.  I have just told them my intention to sign up 
and will give them a few months to get used to the idea.


p.s. good news - The Pope just announced that for the first time non Catholics 
can enter heaven !

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