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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Re: Souls on Ice  - CryoNet #15099
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 14:21:00 -0800

I wanted to make a few observations in response to Joseph Kehoe's comments
on religion and cryonics (message #15099)

I see no reason for there to be any problem between those who believe in
some form of life after death and cryonics.

Yes, there do exist a few religions which reject certain medical
interventions such as blood transfusions and even birth control pills.
However, it is my understanding that most religions have no problem with
heart resuscitation techniques and numerous other modern medical "miracles".
In this sense, I think that it is fairly clear that the majority of
religions have no problem with efforts to medically intervene as technology
continues to shrink the meaning of what constitutes "death".

Second, I would speculate that there are darn few cryonicists who believe
that cryonics will forever defeat physical death and thereby trespass upon
religious afterlife territory.  Perhaps uploading schemes might fit that
ticket, but cryonics, per se, is a life extension method and not necessarily
a guarantee to life eternal in the physical (not that I am in the least
against that!).

ALL organizations (what are referred to as "superorganisms in THE LUCIFER
PRINCIPLE) thrive on "brainwashing" and "persecution".  Religions constitute
only one form of organization.   For example, I remember once having a
heated argument with an Objectivist in which he claimed he was never
affected by emotion.  As I pointed out the clear physical signals of his
anger (flushed cheeks, tense lips, raised shoulders, frowning eyebrows) he
only became more adamant (and angry).  As a staunch atheist he denied that
Objectivism is a religion, yet his behavior was identical to the most
radical true believer of any religious body I have met.

Finally, is it wise to denigrate the majority of people (members of
religions) if we both want cryonics to survive and grow?  What is to be
gained by insulting people who do not share your world view?  And what can
be lost?  If most members of your own family are very religious and you want
your intentions for cryonic suspension to be honored (or at the very least
unopposed) by them, wouldn't it be wiser to try to demonstrate that THIS
form of body "disposal" does not clash with THEIR religious beliefs (if that
is possible)?

I know how frustrating it can sometimes be to feel as if one were surrounded
by morons, but please consider the importance of not unnecessarily creating
problems for yourself.

Best wishes,

George Smith

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