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Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 19:46:43 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Alcor standby

Alcor standby and other info.

Although I do not represent Alcor, I thought I would mention a subject that
some people may not realize, and I just found out.  Alcor is not supplying
a lot of standby with each suspension anymore.  It is probably in each
member's best interest to put up a deposit with Alcor to pay for additional
standby.  Also, review with Alcor officials just what amount of standby you
do have coming.  A few years ago, there was a schedule of how many extra
hours of standby some people had earned over the years for volunteer work,
donations, and such.  I don't know if that is still in effect.  If you are
in doubt, I suggest you contact Alcor and ask what you have coming.  A few
days standby is just not enough to be safe.  In some cases I have seen the
standby team go to a location and the member got better and then go back
later, several times.  So a member would be smart to provide extra money to
pay for this possible additional charge.   It is this problem (lack of
extra standby money on deposit and lack of cryonics-friendly relatives at
the death bed site) that has been blamed for problems in the last few

The other thing that has been a problem in several of the last suspensions
is that the member/patient could have made better choices.  It is important
to let all your relatives and medical service providers know about your
cryonics intentions and get their agreement to do things that will be
helpful to your suspension, NOT just agree not to interfere.  Get their
agreement to cooperate long before you hear that you are sick.  Once a
person knows they are terminal they ofter start making bad decisions.  The
thought of one's pending death can cause such fear that a person can no
longer make good decisions.  So get all this taken care of now while you
are able to make good decisions.

I have recently switched to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona as my regular family
doctor.  The doctor they assigned me was very nice and agreed to do what he
could if and when I needed cryonic suspension.  I am glad I discussed it
with him, and if he had not agreed to be cooperative, I would have got
another doctor.  

If you know of any Alcor members who are not aware of this information,
please pass this posting on to them.  This is a very important part of
cryonic suspension with Alcor and I suggest that everyone give serious
attention to this.  We are now moving into an area of better technology,
but this better technology is dependent on getting it to you quickly.  

Lastly, I am hoping to get the initial money we will use to start the
cryonics community early next year.  Once this community is built, cryonics
retirees can improve their chances of getting a better suspension by living
in a community of like-minded other cryonicists.

Dave Pizer

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