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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
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Subject: Re: destroying symbols of coercion
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 12:07:15 -0000

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> Let me just open by saying....it's a boy! it's a boy! That's right two of
> them this past Sunday am. One at 6.5 lbs the other at 5.5lbs. May they
> a really really long and happy life.

And I hope that they can do it without ever needing to spend a period in

apologies re sarcasm accepted :-)

> del <
> What
> is interesting though is that though God "saw that it was good" apparently
> it wasn't good enough in that the first commandment given to man is to go
> out and subdue it (some read the verse as "improve it"  - God's first
> homework assignment?).

An interesting anomaly I had not noticed before. Seems to tie in with the
"continuous creation" concept.

The problem with ethics that I see is that people can build complicated
ethical structures that to outsiders seem completely unethical. National
Socialism is a good example. I have just watched a Michael Wood documentary
on how they started out as an "ethical" group and then went off into all
sorts of wild fantasies and perverted archaeology to try and prove them. As
they got more and more "off course" the horrors that everyone knows about
appeared. The important point from this is that they did not start out with
the idea of killing whole groups of humans, this came later as they became
more obsessed with ancient legends of morally perfect "orders" of knights
and so on. Seeing themselves as perfect switched off their normal censors as
to what is right and what is plain stupid.

Interesting that the "precious gift" and "trust god re an afterlife" appear
together. Not totally exclusive, but getting there. Of course religions that
get their members to self-annihilate to get to an afterlife soon die out for
obvious reasons. But they do exist, and an example appeared in 1999 -
something to do with reanimation on a comet, (or a ship orbiting one) as far
as I can recall.

Yes - "divine inspiration" should be wiped out - it is a totally irrational
or should I say unprovable and highly dangerous concept. It is not very
different to the example in the Michael Wood programme referred to above.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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