X-Message-Number: 15155
From: "Pat Clancy" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 14:06:33 -0800
Subject: Re: Urban or Rual

Brent Fox wrote:

> We have the technology to build a "S.S. Birdseye", but the cost (now) would be

> prohibitive to build, and launch.  If, "S.S. Birdseye" were to be launched 

> a comet type orbit, then there would be several factors to worry about.  
> just a few I can think of right off:
> 1) Micrometeor impacts
> 2) Radiation
> 3) Memory of *why* "S.S. Birdseye" is out there (If it's in a large orbit -
> many, if not hundreds of years could pass before it comes back our way)

True, although regarding (2) that's generally regarded as a problem for 
_living_ cargo. A technology that can repair cryo-damaged bodies could 

possibly repair any radiation damage as well. As for (3), that might be a plus -
such a vessel returning to earth after say 50,000 years might be considered 
a valuable artifact.

Pat Clancy

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