X-Message-Number: 15172
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 13:34:50 EST
Subject: cryobiologists in cryonics

If we define a "professional cryobiologist" as someone who has been published 
on that topic in a recognized journal, then there are several who are also 
members of a cryonics organization or/and known to have favorable views on 
cryonics. Yet, as far as I know, not a single one is fully open about his 
cryonics connection. Either he or his employer, in every case, wants the 
connection kept at least partially in the closet.

How badly has this situation impaired the acceptance and growth of cryonics? 
In my opinion, very significantly. No matter how carefully we offer objective 
evidence supporting our position, most people cannot or will not accept this 
in lieu of the opinions of those who apparently ought to know--and those who 
"ought to know" and are willing to stand up and speak out are almost 
invariably the benighted opposition.

Publicity in the various media is almost always preceded by requests for 
cryobiological or other medical/scientific contacts whose opinions could be 
quoted. When we are unable to name clearly knowledgeable or authoritative 
sources willing to be interviewed, we have essentially scored close to zero 

The situation with respect to other scientists and physicians is not as bad 
as with cryobiologists, but still bad enough. We have much more than 
proportionate numbers of scientists and physicians as members, but few of 
them are willing to be interviewed by the media. It puts us in the position 
of fighting the opposition with one hand tied behind our backs and our feet 
in shackles. By impeding the growth of cryonics, it puts our lives in more 
danger than necessary.    

So I ask these people to reconsider. In several cases, they are "in the 
closet" only formally, their cryonics connections being in fact well known to 
cryobiologists generally, or at least to those prominent in the Society for 
Cryobiology and the editors of cryobiological publications. 

I also ask the physicians and scientists in the Cryonics Institute and the 
other organizations to reconsider. If you are willing to be named to media 
representatives, please send us a note saying so. The life you save could be 
your own, since your fate could be linked to the strength of your 

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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