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Subject: relevant/irrelevant?
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 22:07:27 -0500

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With regard to Charles Platt's concerns I should say that

I find the debates between Thomas Donaldson and Mike Perry on the issue of 
simulation and identity important because in the future we may be faced with a 
situation where the only practical way to re-animate someone who was frozen via 
earlier suspension techniques would be through simulation. After we've gleaned 
as much information as we can from the remaining structure we may have to edit 
the simulated neural connections in software, test them or make inferences in 
order maintain some overall consistency with our expectations of that 
individuals behaviour.

In a larger sense cryonics really goes to the heart of what constitutes a 
definition of our humanity. Some (not me) would argue that unless the whole 
original body is reanimated the excercise does not preserve identity. I'm in the
camp that believes that simulation would be adequate.



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