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From: "Gary Tripp" <>
Subject: real-time simulation issues
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 11:37:08 -0500

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Thomas is concerned that the fact that the real time interaction of our neural 
structures with themselves and the environment may not be adequately simulated 
by a computer.  

We usually think of computers in terms of a Von-Neuman architecture whereas it 
may be possible to fashion super massively parallel switching systems with 
elements that operate perhaps 10's of millions of times faster than neurons. In 
theory we could even go so far as to construct neural nets employing very fast 
switches. I expect that at some point in the future we will be able to dispatch 
nanoprobes to strategic locations in our biological neural nets and instruct 
them to monitor the behaviour of real neurons so that we can learn how they 
function in a net.
With this information we could build perfect artificial neural nets. 



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