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Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 12:14:58 -0800
From: "Billy H. Seidel" <>
Subject: ALCOR

I just had to respond. Thanks Charles for the jolt.

I recently rejoined ALCOR again for a lot of reasons. 1. The demise of 
CRYOCARE, of which I have been a member.  2. The rebirth of ALCOR, namely 
the Chamberlain's.  There are many other reasons and if anyone would care 
to talk about these, please call me or e-mail me directly.  
My Wife and I, visited the ALCOR facility before we rejoined and were so 
impressed with what was going on, that to us it was abundantly clear that 
ALCOR was the place to be, with our suspension membership.

This is not meant to be a commercial for ALCOR but more a point about 

Charles Platt just made a post to cryonet, to my mind a very negative 
post.  His approach to revealing every thing bad about a company is not 
something I agree with and is not even expressed by him. Where is a recent 
news letter from CRYOCARE, or even a posting about what is going on with 
CRYOCARE?  Generally speaking we do not see publications of a negative 
slant published by the company that is putting out the publication. So if 
you want to find out the negative truth about a company, Get involved with 
that company.

What I am talking about is not to bash Charles, but to point out 
involvement and participation that we all need to be more aware of.

Because Maggie and I have rejoined ALCOR, I have become exposed to many of 
the recent activities involving cryonic suspension.  I will try to keep 
this short.

ALCOR asked me to edit the video tapes made at the Asilomar 
convention.  How many of you attended or even asked about that event.  I 
didn't, that wont happen again.  My exposure came as a result of editing 
these tape.  The list of presenters is extensive and impressive.  The 
information presented, also extensive and impressive.  If any of us had 
attended we could have partially filled that information gap that Charles 
and others have talked about.  We could have found out more about what is 
going on in the cryonics related fields.  How many of us even subscribe to 
the ALCOR magazine or any publication of a cryonics nature?  Do you really 
know what Vitrification is and what it means?  Do you really understand the 
importance of stem cell research?  How about a 200 million dollar project 
called the Time Ship that is underway right now and being paid for by Sol 
Kent and Bill Faloon?  And the beat goes on.

ALCOR also asked me to make another video, similar to the one I made 10 
years ago.  This one called, "the ALCOR adventure", is better and more 
exciting because of the new information.  Altogether I have about 200 hours 
of time in these projects.  Some of you have asked for and even offered to 
help and many of you did.  I thank you all for that.

So lets not sit around and bash each other lets get something done, get 
involved with your cryonics company, support them with what ever you can, 
tell other people about this most exciting adventure we can get 
into.  Forget about negative attitudes and verbal abuse, we don't have time 
for that.

Oh crap I have gone on too long.

Billy H. Seidel

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