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	Regarding the National Enquirer article about Liz Taylor:

	All inquiries to Alcor on this subject will be answered with the
statement (or similar), "We cannot confirm or deny the interest or     
membership of any individual.  We have no comment on the article."
	While seemingly evasive, this is the answer that would be given to an
inquiry about ANY individual, including current members, unless that 
member has specifically given Alcor permission to disclose information.
Privacy of the individual is paramount.  And under no circumstances of
which I am aware would Alcor EVER release information on who has visited
the facility or merely asked for information.  Well, I suppose there might
eventually be an exception.  There has been discussion among the three main 
cryonics groups about the possible future sharing of leads.  I feel sure
that this would not go forward until Alcor could be sure that these lists
would not be made public.
	(Please note, however, that I am NOT an official spokesperson for 
Alcor, and these comments cannot be taken as certain.)

	Incidentally, the above is true even if the caller is another member.
Membership has its privileges, but access to the privacy of other members
or interested persons is not one of them.  This may seem harsh; but 
remember: when they call asking about YOU, your privacy is also protected.

Steve Bridge
Midwest Coordinator, Alcor Life Extension Foundation

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