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From:  (Alan Lovejoy)
Subject: Re: cryonics #152 - National Enquirer Cryonics Article

Hmmmm... The "source" for the Liz Taylor story sure was privy to some
intimate details.  It had to be either Liz or her boyfriend, it would 
seem.  Unless, of course, it was simply a figment of some reporter's active
imagination--with Alcor literature in his cold little handsies providing
the technical details.  How DID the "source" know those technical details,
anyway??? (The article as quoted seems to imply that those details were
supplied by the UndisclosedSource, and not obtained by independent research
conducted by the Enquirer (don't choke, now :-))).

I hope "Weird Al" Yankevich doesn't read the National Enquirer...  Now there's
a thought to freeze one's blood :-).

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