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Subject: Re: CRYONICS #154 from  (Alan Lovejoy)

>>  How DID the "source" know those technical details, anyway??? <<

     As much as we like to malign the National Enquirer (deservedly, for the 
most part), they generally do their homework on technical details.  NE has 
published many cryonics articles over the years, including occasional 
straight news reports of suspensions (with sensational headlines, to be 
sure).  Over the past two years NE writers have interviewed people from both 
ACS and Alcor and have received Alcor information packets.  (Well, what the 
hell, if they're going to write about us, let's make sure they have some 
basic information correct, instead of making up EVERYTHING.  Millions of 
people read it devotedly, including some whom I know quite well.)  They may 
have interviewed Bob Ettinger or other CI people, too; I don't know.

     I have found that the average NE reader knows as much or more about 
cryonics than the average "educated" person.  If anything, NE readers are 
MORE apt to uncritically accept that cryonics will work.  Of course, they 
also believe in ghosts, flying saucers, and Geraldo Rivera, so I'm not sure 
how much of a gain that is.

     And let's not assume that we "special" people are the only ones who can 
handle these "technical details" or who have access to them.  They aren't 
that technical, and the essentials have been in hundreds of newspaper and  
magazine articles over the past few years, plus many television and radio 

Steve Bridge
Alcor Midwest Coordinator

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