X-Message-Number: 15509
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 00:36:28 EST
Subject: 1999 "Time" magazine article: Molecular Memory

Sometimes TIME magazine has some interesting pieces.  As the author cites 
"...brain cells and nerve cells..." at one point, he is no neurologist; but 
largely presents the "facts" in an understandable way to the layman, while 
not being boring/offensive to the "beyond layman."  By an important 
criterion, an excellent author may be one who can communicate to a wide range 
of people--of varying eductions, ages and interest levels--with the exact 
same text.  IMHO, this guy gets a good passing grade.  I have posted a 
reprint at the following URL. 

Thanks, TIME.


I note that the "revelations" discussed on these molecular-level workings of 
the brain may explain the "life memory cascades" reported during near death 


David C. Johnson

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