X-Message-Number: 15521
From: "Jeff Grimes" <>
Subject: Updated CI Page
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 18:41:59 +0000

I have revisited the CI web page, in particular the page that previously 
contained the untrue derogatory statements about competitors. The URL of this 
page is: http://www.cryonics.org/comparisons.html#emergency

The most damaging statement has now been removed, but the text on the page is 
still contrived to create a very misleading impression. Now that I have learned 
more about this subject, I am slightly shocked by the sales tactics being used. 
The page is very long so I will only quote one piece:

"Also, and more importantly, the cryoprotectants used in vitrification (and in 
freezing) are toxic, depending on concentration and rate and temperature of 

This is misleading for several reasons.

1. ALL cryoprotectants are toxic, aren't they?

2. The 75% solution glycerol used by CI is a vitrification solution, according 
to Douglas Skrecky here on CryoNet.

3. Therefore CI is making it sound as if its competitors are using more 
dangerous techniques, when in fact CI itself is using a solution that is more 
toxic than anyone else's.

"Thus, vitrification kills cells: with older methods of vitrification it 
poisoned and injured them to the point of actually disintegrating cell membranes
in some cases. Indeed, the damage done by vitrification has in the past been so
immense and so much worse than conventional suspension treatments that, on 
balance, every last cryonics organization has throughout cryonics history, until
very recently, opted for the less destructive option of conventional glycerol 
suspension and cooling and liquid nitrogen storage."

The change here is the introduction of the term "older methods."

But still the text suggests that vitrification is BAD BAD BAD. And I would say, 
if "older methods" are not being used any more, why mention them now? 
Presumably, to scare people.

I can't say that this is very reassuring about CI. Why would an organization 
bend the truth so much, and try to scare people by creating a bad image of its 

Jeff Grimes.

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