X-Message-Number: 15522
From: "Jeff Grimes" <>
Subject: The Secret Lab
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 18:57:33 +0000

I went back and did some checking on the Cryonet archives. The Cryonics 
Institute was already refusing to reveal the name of its Canadian testing lab 
long before Jeff Grimes came along.

Therefore it is absolutely wrong, deceptive, and unfair for Robert Ettinger to 
suggest that he is keeping the name of the Canadian lab secret for fear that I 
might "harass" them. He was already keeping the name secret, before he ever 
heard of Jeff Grimes. 

I have to say that this attempt to blame ME for CI policy (!) is underhand, to 
say the least.

Perhaps Mr. Ettinger is simply trying to distract attention from the issue that 
I raised. Did the Canadian lab take many samples of tissue, which were unevenly 
perfused using the CI method that "does not equilibrate" according to Mr. 
Ettinger himself? Did CI make public only the best looking photographs, keeping 
the rest hidden from consumers? Is this why the Canadian lab is being kept 

Of course if the full report from the Canadian lab was presented online, 
verbatim, this would lay the matter to rest. But the full report has not been 
published, has it?

Jeff Grimes.

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