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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: Rick Potvin got my attention!
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 07:01:51 

taken from a Rick Potvin post which I will never forget!:
I dare not post this to Cryonet-- and yet-- the time is now-- for me.
I'm member #1348! If "I" go down, I will NOT be anon! I will have my pic in 
Wired. Let frozen people live! Yeah, I know, this is weird--- but it's my 
day off and I'm 43. Time does NOT exist. Einstein didn't "get it", after 
all. Cryonet consciousness is troublesome-- and I've tried to expand Cryonet 
consciousness by using Network54. No way-- everyone here hates it.

Well, It looks like you really enjoyed your day off! ;)  It's your right as 
a 43 year-old American citizen to kick back and have some brewski's after 
having worked hard!  So, be damn proud of it!!  Perhaps, the other list 
members around here should also have a relaxing drink or two before they 
write a post. lol!  I would love to see what the effect would be!

I believe other nations extend the right of enjoying a day off to their 
citizens at an even higher level then Americans, the French(two hour 
lunches!) come to mind as do the Italians.

You can be in Wired magazine if you want.  My fifteen minutes of fame were 
probably used up when I attended a science fiction writing conference at UAA 
and a popular local columnist decided to interview me.  Oddly, I got more 
attention in his article then most of the published writers there.

I love your term "Cryonet consciousness" and hope one day to attain it.  For 
how many years must I meditate to reach this blissful pinnacle of 
contention? lol

you continue:
You know guys-- there' s an Extropian who KILLED HIMSELF over NOT being able 
to connect with this community!!! Figure it out. Why?

I feel this is a definite overstatement.  There are many reasons why people 
tend to postpone their cryonic arrangements.  And most people assume they 
will have many years to consider things.

you continue:
Who knows why he did this? This self-killing is a travesty. Do you REALIZE 
that if NBC did an interview of Max or Fred that they'd probably ASK them 
about Sasha? What happened, in the end, to Sasha? What did Sasha say about 
being frozen? Do you all realize how HARD it is to find out? There is NO 
cryonet search engine!

It was a horrible tragedy.  The brain is a wonderful but fragile part of the 
body.  When it suffers from structural failure the mind can sometimes be 
twisted and darkened to a point where a person is overwhelmed.

Personally, I believe Sasha's mind/spirit still exists in a different plane 
of existence.  This gives me some hope regarding such a good man.  But, I 
realize some of you view things very differently.  I still really wish he 
had been suspended.

you continue:
Yeah, I know, this post is one of hundreds, and it'll get buried. But
consider it-- if you're still reading-- a "cry" out in the vastness of
the deep eternity of what we call space or time-- the void-- if you
will-- for more "considered" cooperation-- and INCLUSION: Cryonics is
ABOUT existence.

This post sure stuck out in my mind!  It will get buried in the Cryonet 
archive along with all the rest.  Future scholars will be amazed to see what 
a contentious lot we are. ;)

I like your sentiments and agree.  We do need more inclusion in the form of 
community building activities.  That is why I like the idea of the 
"cryofeast" so much.  It combines the very human need for food and 

I would love to attend one someday.  I can just imagine Fred Chamberlain 
arguing with a visiting CI person on whose method is best in attempting to 
thaw out the turkey!  Paul Wakfer and Charles Platt will of course say both 
turkey thawing protocols are flawed and that they want to see verifiable 

These are very exciting times.  Saul Kent and Will Faloon are going to build 
their temple-like timeship!  What a symbol this will be to the world 
regarding cryonics.  A focal-point where key research and suspendee storage 
can be done inside a magnificent structure.

And David Pizer continues in his efforts to build a resort/cryonics 
community for us.  This place could really engender the feeling of inclusion 
and growth which has at times eluded cryonics.  I dearly look forward to one 
day visiting this place and shaking David Pizer's hand.

I have been treated over the years very well by the people on all sides of 
the arguments here.  I am grateful to have a platform like Cryonet which 
allows for such heated intellectual intercourse.  We are fortunate that 
prominent cryonicists still use Cryonet to share knowledge and fight for 
what they believe.  Sometimes it is necessary to "release the dogs of war" 
to have a chance at really getting to the truth.

best wishes to all,


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