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From: "Marty Kardon" <>
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Subject: Everything you say here is open to the whole web
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 18:02:03 -0500

I was just doing a routine search on my name via altavista to see what came
up.  I was surprised to find that several of my postings to Cryonet are
retrieved when my name is searched via altavista.

Although I never deluded myself into thinking that I was speaking in
confidence on this newsgroup, I never suspected that the archive is open to
the web search "spiders" that scan the net and catalog different URLs.  I
guess I figured that the only people who would be privy to the comments of
this forum were those who had an interest of some sort in the subject matter
of cryonics.

I am surprised and dismayed to find out the the archive is open to the web
spiders so that anyone who is curious about me will be directed to email I
sent 3 years ago to cryonet that's kept in the kqb archive [nothing personal
Kevin, you do a stellar job for little recognition].

We all should keep this in mind, I intend from this point forward to be most
circumspect in any postings I make.  Given the tenor of some recent postings
I don't imagine that everyone will adopt a similar posture but, as they say,
different strokes for different folks.

Too bad someone can't innoculate the archives from further intrusions.

Marty Kardon

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