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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: The Big Picture
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 12:56:51 -0800

It's all really very simple.

If I or anyone in my family dies TODAY, our physical remains will be frozen
and stored in Michigan.

Someday we MIGHT be restored to life.

No ONE can PROVE this CAN'T happen.  Many experts believe it CAN and WILL

(See the CI website at http://www.cryonics.org for examples of and links to
such expert opinions).

Anyone TODAY not signed up for cryonics who DIES will be cremated or buried.

Cremated or buried.


It is simple.  It is black and white.

In the meantime if you DON'T die, it is perfectly sensible in my opinion to
seek out additional life extension methods, endorse or carry out related
research, etc.  Why not?  It might make a difference LATER.

And cryonics is not expensive IF you are still insurable. (Through CI
cryonic suspension is actually very inexpensive).

Get insured first and do it now.  Don't wait until you can't be insured due
to possible injury or disease.

If you wonder whether or not the cryonics organizations in existence today
can be trusted to preserve YOUR body, you only have to note that they
already have been doing so for OTHERS who are now in suspension and these
organizations have been doing so for many years.

But apart from any other consideration, the Big Picture is that if you die
TODAY and you are NOT signed up with a cryonics firm, you are going to be
buried or cremated.

The choice is yours and it is not difficult to understand.

Some chance is better than no chance.

That's the Big Picture as I see it.

Don't let lesser details cause you to miss the Big Picture.

That's my advice to one and all.

Be careful.

Think clearly.

George Smith
CI member

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