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From: "David Stern" <>
Subject: Re: The Big Picture
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 12:06:40 -0800

George Smith Wrote:

>>The entire thrust of history demonstrates this over and over.  As I recall
>>it was Robert Heinlein who first suggested that when a respected scientist
>>publically declares something to be impossible you can count on it
>>within two years or so.  His sarcasm was not all that inaccurate.

On the inside cover of "Beyound Humanity: CyberEvolution and Future Minds"
Arthur C. Clark's first law is stated as:

"When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is
possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is
impossible, he is very probably wrong."

If you want to read an exciting, interesting, and well written projection of
future technology, this book is highly recommended.

"Beyound Humanity: CyberEvolution and Future Minds" by Gregory S. Paul and
Earl D. Cox.


David Stern

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