X-Message-Number: 15588
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 00:49:07 EST
Subject: Peter Jennings & ABC & CI

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I was most proud and encouraged to see our distinguished Robert C.W. Ettinger 
and his equally well-spoken attorney son, David Ettinger, as well as Dr. 
Ralph Merkle (I worked at Xerox in the early 80s, but not in research and I 
never met him) on the ABC Evening News last night. They all did an excellent 
job and had obviously already properly impressed the producers, cameral crew, 
etc., that cryonics is very real.

Good to see it.  I loved it.  Glad I got a recording of it.

Thanks, Men.  Well done!  Nice work!


David C. Johnson

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