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From: "Igor Artyuhov" <>
Subject: Antidote Effective for Methanol and Antifreeze Poisoning
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 12:02:29 +0300

Can it diminish other CPAs toxicity as well? - I. A.

From LA Times (Thursday, February 8, 2001)


Antidote Effective for Methanol and Antifreeze Poisoning

From Times Staff and Wire Reports

     An antidote for antifreeze poisoning also works against methanol, a
lethal wood alcohol that is found in a variety of industrial products and is
sometimes put in black market liquor, researchers say.
     A study in today's New England Journal of Medicine describes
fomepizole's use on 11 methanol-poisoning patients at hospitals around the
country. Nine recovered; two, whose brains had been damaged by lack of
oxygen by the time they arrived at the hospital, died.
     Methanol is found in windshield washer fluid, camp stove fuel, copier
fluid and some paints and varnishes. It killed more than 200 people who
drank black market liquor in El Salvador and Kenya last fall.
     Most of the 1,000 or so poisonings a year in the United States are
accidental, said Dr. Marsha Ford, director of the Carolinas Poison Center
and a participant in the study.

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