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From: Fred Chamberlain <>
Subject: George Smith's Comments

Date:    2/9/2001
From:    Fred Chamberlain
Re:      George Smith's Comments

(From Message #15585 by "George Smith" <>)

>(3) Paul was right that there have been some folks (I do not know the
>percentages) who have not been signed up for cryonics and who, in last
>minute rushes at or following their deaths, have managed to get into 
>suspension after all.

Within the last year or so, we at Alcor had the occasion to talk to a
who worked for another cryonics organization and cited a case of holding the
prospective suspendee at water-ice temperatures for over three weeks.  Perhaps
the delay was owing to "working out the arrangements"?  We do not know!  This
is not my idea of a reasonable way of "managing to get into suspension after

>I also don't know how many folks waited too long and FAILED to get 
>suspended as a consequence.

There are *frequent* cases of this, in Alcor's experience.  This is why there
is an extensive section linked directly from the bottom of the entry page on
Alcor's website (<http://www.alcor.org/>http://www.alcor.org) on urgent and/or
emergency inquiries.  The purpose is to warn about the difficulties of waiting
until the last minute, and to encourage advance arrangements, or if not, an
attitude of acceptance to the lack of them for the time being.


Those who have *not* elected advance arrangements, but who are aware of the
possibility of them, have (for the time being) chosen *not* to be suspended in
the event of their deaths.  This is an "act of omission".  It is just as
much a
choice as the choice to sign up.

Every day is a gamble.  If you keep spinning the wheel, and "your number
doesn't come up", then you didn't need arrangements.  If you spin the wheel
your number is on it, then the outcome is almost certain to be determined by
your arrangements or lack of them.

Many say that they are concerned about signing up because they don't know "if
it will work"!

For those who *are* signed up, if they should be so unlucky as to be
their last thoughts might be, "I'm about to find out!"

For those who are *not* signed up, if they should be so unlucky as to die,
their last thoughts might be, "I guess I'll never know!"

This an individual choice, for each person, and the consequences are entirely
individual.  The important thing to recognize is that either way, you *have*
made a choice.

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